Imagine All the Performance of a Full Size Air Sweeper in a Compact Design!

The Global V LINE of Sweeper highlights key features that we believe are essential in modern street sweepers.  Global V LINE Sweepers incoporate Patented VAS Technology that in not available on any other street sweeper today.  The V LINE sweepers are engineered to include Ultra Low Noise Levels while sweeping, very high fuel efficency and Highest Water Capacity combined with Low Water Usage.  We are proud to say that our sweepers are reliable, affordable and innovative!

Variable AirStream v3web

The Global Variable Air Stream Technology air recycling system constantly recirculates the air from the sweeper to the suction box. Only a small percentage of the air passes into the atmosphere. Depending on the operational scenario, the recycled air volume can be adjusted in between 30% - 70%.  All the adjustments can be completed by the operator by adjusting a lever.

The fine dust emission from a Global V4Air sweeper is 50% less than that of purely suction concepts. No dirty air is expelled into the working area at the rear and around the sweeping machine. Additional street cleaning is achieved by adding water to the recycled air. In winter the V4Air can operate in temperatures as low as 23 °F, due to the circulating air in the system being warmed to about 59 °F, thus preventing the water in the suction shaft and hopper from freezing.

All Comes Down To Power of Sweeping
Inclined suction fan provides optimum volume flow and improved suction power.

Sweeping Quiet
“Silent Plus” option means highly-effective noise reduction by up to 99 dB on the engine and fan system.

Increased Water Capacity
Water suppression system includes a total water tank volume of 210 gallons. The primary fiberglass tank is is mounted in between fan and cab, providing additional noise protection.

Modern Sweeping Package - V4Air incorporates Kubota V2043M, 49HP 4-Cylinder, Tier 4 Final, Water Cooled Aux. Engine that offers low fuel consumption at 1.5 Gallons/Hour at peak Engine Speed.

V-Nozzle To Sweep It All
The V-shaped suction nozzle with its large aperture, made of 4 mm steel, conveys the swept material directly into the suction pipe. Even in difficult conditions, heavy material will be completely picked up.

Everything At a Glance
A central operating panel provides easy access to all the functions, displaying all important information to the operator.

Wander Hose With Manual Support
The robust rear-mounted suction system provides additional vacuum where you need it.  This options allows for emptying waste containers, shallow catch basins and loose debris.

Power Brush
The channel brush is mounted as a trailed brush and suspended separately from the suction nozzle. It is equipped with lateral shock absorbing device and ground pressure adjustment in order to pick up even heavy dirt off the road surface. Using the pneumatically controlled adjustment of the lateral inclination the brush is offering the best possible performance in every working condition.

Quality For Long Service Life-Hopper
High quality materials, such as Hopper and screens are 304 Grade Stainless Steel Standard.  Hopper door is contructed of fiberglass to allows for long life and performance.

Central Switching Unit
All valves and adjustments for the electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic systems are located in one central console, which is maintenance-friendly and protects against water ingress.

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Global V4Air Street Sweeper


SWEEPER: DUAL Gutter Broom with Pneumatic Flaps AIR Sweeper.  Aux. Engine: Aux. engine Kubota, Type V2043M, 49HP;



- 22" (550 mm) LH and RH Suction Nozzle/ 9"  Inside Dia. Vacuum Hose                 - Ergo Switch to Start/Stop All Sweeping Functions
- Hydraulic tilting system over aux. engine -hand pump for emergency.                 - 20 Micron Return Hydraulic Filters
- 5.2 Cubic Yard  (4.3m³) Hopper Volumetric Capacity                 - Manual safety body props
- 304 Grade Stainless Steel Hopper with Fiberglass Hopper Lid                 - Coolant/Oil Pressure Shutdown System
- 90 degree Dump Angle of Debris Body                 - 15' Hydrant Hose with Coupling & Wrench
- GRP Water Wanks, 210 Gallons Capacity                 - Centralized Weatherproof Systems Locker 
- One (1) Gutter Broom Water Spray Jets Per Side                 - In-Cab Gutter Broom and wide sweep broom Speed Control
- 59" Hopper Discharge Height                 - Body Paint Two Part Epoxy Factory White
- Wide sweep brush water spray bar with four (4) spray jets                 - Engine Pack & Sweep Gear Powder Coated black
- LED Hopper Beacon                 - VAST Air recirculation system for low dust operation
- Exact regulation of the water flow to every nozzle group                 - Environmental working temperature higher than 23°F
- External wide sweep broom down pressure control                 - Outside Manual Gutter Broom Tilt Adjust
- In-cab handheld pendant dump controls                 - Aerodynamic Bulky debris flap controlled from the cab 
- Electrical Wiring Color and Number Coded                 - 24" Diameter Trailing Arm Design Gutter Brooms
- Dust Proof Electrical Wiring - IP65 Standards                 - 12" x 50" Wide sweep Broom
- Water Proof Electrical Wiring - IP67 Standards                 - LED Gutterbroom Worklights
- External Gutter Broom Down Pressure Control                 - "Unhanded" Suction Nozzle & Gutter Broom Assemb
- L.E.D Indicators on All Solenoid Plugs                 - 1 each Sweeper Ops Manual & Parts & Service CD - English
- Hydraulic suction fan drive, adjustable speed of fan                 - Rear and RH Sweep Camera and LCD Monitor



 - Manual Catchbasin Attachment
 - Suction Duct and GB LED Worklights
 - Suction Fan Water Flush w/ Shut off valve
 - Hand Pump - Emergency Hopper Raise
 - Hopper Raised Warning Buzzer
 - LED Hopper Beacons Deduct
 - High Pressure 1450 PSI Water Pump and Lance
 - Chassis Mounted Front Magnet 60" - 72"
 - Rear View and Side View Camera Deduct
 - In-Cab Gutterbroom Tilt & Down Pressure Adjustment


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