The Global R4Air is Built to Last with a Standard Stainless Steel Hopper

67-mph Travel Speed, 6.0 cu.yd hopper, and Dumps into a truck!

Our Global "R" Purpose-Built LINE of street sweepers offer a unique perspective on street sweeping.  All Regenerative-Air type Street sweepers currently on the market feature a Chassis such as Peterbuilt, Freightliner or Isuzu.  The sweeper itself is mounted on the frame of the chassis and an additional engine designed to run the fan and the sweeping components.  Due to the inherit design these sweepers don't have a good turning radius, don't fit in any downtown areas and cul-de-sacs and are usually very expensive. Our Global R4Air is designed to overcome all these obsticles. 

Purpose Built chassis allows for compact design and exceptional maneuverability (18.5' Turning Radius). Global Sweepers are engineered to help our customers maintain and service our sweepers!  Our electrical locker combines ease of access but it also simplifies trouble shooting procedures.  Our array of options allow us to built a street sweeper specific to customer needs and our Single Engine Design includes low fuel consumption and low operating noise levels.  The Global R4Air operates at 86 dBA while sweeping!  Yes, sweeping at night without waking up the neighborhood is possible!

The performance matched 32” Suction Fan and 72” Wide Pick Up Head provide superior sweeping of all heavy debris quickly and efficiently. Global R4Air can sweep gravel, sand, and road millings as well as light debris such as leaves without the need of removing skirts or adjusting the Pick up Head.  Carbide Dirt Shoes are always included, and provide long lasting sweeping experience.

Hydraulically-Driven Fan sealed loop Air is blasted down a 12” vertical tube (Pressure side) on the left side of the Pick Up Hood. Debris and Air then travels to the right and Up 12” Hose (Vacuum side), Enter Dust Separator, which filters fine particles from Air Stream before it reaches the blower again. Water system keeps the debris from returning to the impeller and protects all your components against wear. Suction Fan creates a very powerful sweeping system. Double-Sealed Fan Housing Silence Package combined with a very powerful engine equal to a street sweeper that is not only efficient but quiet and powerful

Standard Dust Suppression System includes Two(2) Electrical Diaphragm 3.5 GPM Water Pumps, 230 Gallon Water Tank, water nozzles at Gutterbrooms, Suction Hood, Impeller and inside Dust Separator and Hopper.  PM-10 Certified System is available upon request.


Global "R" Purpose-Built Line of sweepers offer a unique mix of options, sales features and warranties.

  • Smooth hydrostatic drive system with infinite speed-control while sweeping; offering speeds up to 11 mph in sweeping mode and Max Travel speed up to 67 mph.
  • 72-inch wide Pick-Up Hood features Carbide Dirt Shoes
  • Large 32” Suction Fan creates a very powerful sweeping system
  • 6.0 cu/yd Hopper with high dump clearance up to 116”.
  • Designed to offer easy access to engine, pumps and all hydraulic components greatly reducing maintenance costs.
  • High Visibility with Pressurized Cab and fingertip controls.
  • Single Engine Design offers great fuel and maintenance savings.
  • Rear View Camera with 7”LCD Monitor included.
  • 100% 304 Grade Stainless Steel Hopper (Lifetime Warranty)

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GLOBAL R4Air Rear High Dump Street Sweeper: Cummins 6.7ISB 280hp Engine, High Dump, Hydrostatic Drive, Dual Gutter Broom, A/C, Grey/White Powder Coated, Ergo Switch, Rear View Camera System with 7" LCD Screen.

 - High Visibility  Cab (Glass Entry Door included)  - Sealed Beam Headlights
 - 86 dBa   In-Cab Noise Level   - 6.0 cu yd (4.58 cu meter) Hopper (Volumetric)
 - Dust & Weather Sealed Cab  - Hopper Dump Alarm
 - Multi-Adjustable Suspension Seat  - 47" (1194 mm) dia. Gutter Brooms
 - Tilt & Telescoping Steering Wheel  - In-Cab Gutter Broom Pressure Adjustment
 - Tinted Safety Windows & Windshield  - Tuf-Grip Disposable Gutter Broom Segments
 - Left & Right Dual West Coast Mirrors  - 72” Wide Pick-Up Hoodwith Carbide Dirt Shoes
 - Windshield Wiper/Washer  - 32” Diamater Impeller ncludes wear-resistant coating
 - Ergonomic Go Pedal  - Internal Impeller Housing components inc. Rubber Lining
 - Coolant Temp, Oil Pressure & Voltmeter Gauges  - Two 18 gal (68 L) Hydraulic Oil Tanks
 - Coolant, Eng Oil Pressure & Low Hyd Oil Warning Lights  - Hydraulic Manifolds in LH Fender
 - Speedometer, Tachometer & Hourmeter  - 18.5' Turning Radius with Front Suspension
 - Fuel Level Gauge   - All 120 amp Heavy-Duty Alternator
 - 250 gal (946L) Polyethylene Water Tank   - All Sheet Metal Surfaces Primer Powder Coated
 - 15' (4.6 m) Hydrant Hose with Coupling & Wrench  - Sheet Metal Surfaces Powder Coated
 - Gutter Broom Water Spray Jets  - Standard Frame Paint Color Gray
 - Pickup Broom Water Spray Jets  - Standard Hopper/Cab/Fenders Paint Color White
 - Fan Housing Water Spray Jets  - Fender Mounted Tool Box
 - Dust Seperator Water Spray Jets  - Front & Rear Tie Downs with Tow Hooks
 - Centrifugal Type Dust Seperator  - In-cab Pick-Up Hood front Curtain Raise Function
 - Low Water Level Light in Cab  - 2021 Cummins ISB 6.7L 280 HP engine with 5 Gal. DEF Tank
 - Front Spray Bar  - 100% 304 Grade Stainless Steel Hopper
 - Rear Chalmers Suspension
 - Electrical Systems Locker  - Fan Speed Control
 - Automatic Safety Props  - Fan RPM Gauge
 - LED Gutter Broom Spotlights  - 1 Sweeper Service Manuals in English
 - LED Stop/Tail Lights, Clearance Lights  - 1 Sweeper Parts Manuals in English
 - Hopper and Fan/Fan Housing Access Panel  - 1 Sweeper Service Manuals in English


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 - Hopper Washout System/Suction Hood Washout System                                                                                        

 - AM/FM/CD Radio with AUX and USB Ports and Bluetooth Handsfree
 - GB Speed Control
 - In-Cab Right/Left Side Gutter Broom Tilt
 - Hopper Raise/Lower - Rear Fender - Upgrade
 - Single Location, Remote Grease Block - 9 Grease fittings located in one location
 - Auxiliary Hopper Raise Option
 - Heated & Remote Controlled Mirrors with Heavy Duty Brackets
 - LED Arrowstick
 - Various LED Lights Beacons, etc.- Customer Specified
 - Night Sweeping LED Light Package, (Front and Rear Flood Lights)
 - Full Auto-Lubrication System
 - Front Articulating Broom designed sweeping center islands, sidewalks, etc.
                  ***   Consult your Dealer for addtional available options.

                     * Extended Warranties are available upon request.

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