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June 19, 2017

Building with Quality and Meeting the Highest Standards!

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Building with Quality and Meeting the Highest Standards!

We at Global have always been focused on building and offering Street Sweepers that not only meet but exceed our customer needs!  Building Street Sweepers that sweep all year long is very important, however customers today more and more care about the total cost of operation.

One of the most important part of the sweeper is its hopper! Not only do we offer the largest capacity in the market but we can also fill it to the top! Furthermore, all our hoppers are designed with a Stainless Steel Floor and Front Aperture.

Our Mechanical Street Sweepers include a Stainless Steel floor and our Air Street Sweepers do as well and we are proud to be the only manufacturer to do it across all product lines in the USA. Our Global V4Air features a full 100% Stainless Hopper as part of standard equipment and we will continue to innovate!