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2019 APWA PWX Seattle Wrap-Up

Our Family at Global Environmental Products thanks you for all your support!

Global Environmental Products was once again part of PWX National Equipment Show taking place this year in Seattle, WA. This was our 9th PWX Attendance, where we showcased our green technologies and offered different environmentally friendly solutions - a true glance into the future of street sweeping.

Most importantly, we introduced the 1st 100% Electric Plug-In Class 7 Street Sweeper in the North America. It is a Heavy Duty street Sweeper that  utilizes lithium-ion batteries, operates 9-11 hours daily, is low maintenance and extremely quiet.

We also introduced one-of-a-kind Global R4Air, Regenerative Air Street Sweeper. The R4Air is the only Purpose Built, Single Engine Air Sweeper capable of Dumping into a truck. Its’ large 33” fan provides superb suction.

In addition, we featured our Global V6Air chassis-mounted sweeper that offers our one-of-a-kind VAST (Variable Air Stream Technology) and our Global R3Air - the only 3-wheel Regenerative Air Street Sweeper with high-dump capabilities.

Global Environmental Products has been pushing the technological envelope above and beyond that of the competition with our "Zero Emissions" street sweepers, which include the first 100% Electric Heavy-Duty Class 7 Street Sweepers in the World, and the Global M4 ZE Hydrogen Fuel Cell Street Sweeper. They are powerful, reliable, and innovative.

Global Environmental Products have achieved our vision of street sweepers that clean your streets with a high-performance, heavy-duty sweeping system, as well as being affordable, reliable with cutting-edge innovative technology - doing it all while producing ZERO EMISSIONS.

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