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January 20, 2013

Global Newsletter #5


You Can’t Put A Price On Public Safety

It is never a good idea to drive the wrong way down a one way street!!!

In a recent investigative report appearing in the December newsletter for World Sweeper Magazine, Ranger Kidwell Ross “looks at the advisability of sweeping against traffic instead of specifying a sweeper with curb brooms on both sides.” Here is an excerpt from the report:


“There is no question that sweepers have become more expensive in the past few years, in large part because of evolving diesel engine regulations. However, when it comes to needed features on a new sweeper, as you will read the experts agree that it doesn't make sense to scrimp on a sweeper's needed features if doing so will create even more costs – and potentially compromise public safety – during its future usage.



Sweeping Against Traffic – Is a Single Curb Broom a Viable Option?

Posted December, 2012
by Ranger Kidwell-Ross

Iowa Flag

We recently heard about a city in Iowa that – in order to save money – was specifying a sweeper with only a single curb broom. This was being done even though the city will be sweeping some one-way streets and islands.

This investigative report looks at the advisability of sweeping against traffic instead of specifying a sweeper with curb brooms on both sides. In it, the pros and cons are evaluated and potential alternative solutions are offered.


2011 Distracted Driving Statistics - By HealthDay

  • Approximately 86% of drivers said they ate or drank while driving at some point, and 57% said they do it “sometimes” or “often.”
  • Over 1/3 of drivers (37%) have sent or received text messages while driving, and 18% said they do it regularly.
  • Forty-one percent of adult drivers have set or changed a GPS system while driving, and 21% do it “more frequently.”Picture1

How about the sweeper operator that is required to watch his side broom rather than looking ahead whilesweeping? Or entry steps that you have to see through in order to see the road surface?


   Street sweepers have been around for a long time. Global manufacturing roots, date back all the way to 1947 and to Wayne Street Sweepers. The first street sweepers did not have a cab, the operator was completely exposed, there were no suspension, radio or any other creature comforts. Many mechanical components were hard to get to and difficult to service while the pick up performance was nothing to be proud of. Things have changed drastically over the last 65 years.

   Today’s Global sweepers are safe, dependable, innovative and reliable but only when the right OEM parts are utilized! Over the years Global has focused on designing parts and components that improve sweeping, promote reliability and ease of use, but it is up to you, our customers, to make sure your sweeper is equipped with the right parts. Take the sweeping assembly for example, our dirt shoes are designed to ride on the surface and are very flexible, which allows for the street sweeper to go over manhole covers or other uneven street surfaces.. When adjusted properly they will last a long time ensuring that there is no trailing, hence more sweeping time! Our elevator belts, along with our sprockets, are also designed with tight tolerances to promotedPicture2 performance and reliability.

  Our new sprockets are designed to perfectly fit our OEM belts.   Never mind   that our sprockets will outlastall aftermarket replacement sprockets, but they will also protect your belts from premature wear! By the way...our sprockets incorporate a carbide  Technology,  ensuring longevity  and  reliability of all sweeper components!




What makes Global Sweepers the right choice for your operation?

.. Innovative, Reliable, and Affordable….

January 20, 2012

Newsletter #2


Global Environmental Products is proud to introduce the first M4 model - Sold to
Whitehorse, BC.
– December 28, 2011

Global Environmental Products, Inc. (GEP) was
founded in March of 2011, and began producing
the Global M3 - three wheel sweeper in
September of 2011 in San Bernardino, CA.
Now, in December of 2011, we are proud to
introduce the first M4 (formerly the Allianz
4000) purchased by Whitehorse, in British



Street Sweeper Caltrans Test

In 1990, the California Department of Transportation introduced what is now known in the sweeper industry as the toughest sweeper performance test in North America. The purpose of the test was to allow Caltrans a means of selecting only the sweepers that were tough and reliable enough to meet the brutal demands of sweeping more than 16,000 miles of the most diverse highways in the world—stretching to California’s borders with Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and Mexico. The street sweepers that successfully completed all tests were put into service, sweeping the winding High Sierras, performing post winter clean up and cleaning the wind blown desert roads and highways throughout the entire state.

Caltrans staff conducted the test like this:

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