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We would like to thank Ranger Kidwell-Ross and World Sweeper for organizing a truly focused Street Sweeper Expo. The first ever Sweeper Round-Up including many, if not most Street Sweeper manufacturers.

We had a great time showing off our Global V6Air and our Global V4Air Air Recirculation Street Sweeper. With Variable Air Stream Technology (VAST) that gives the operator the ability to control the air flow, we can adjust the power of our vacuum. This technology makes the V6Air an ideal sweeper for municipalities and construction companies as they have the ability to control suction based on different sweeping conditions.

We are very proud and honored to have participated in the 2017 PWX in Orlando, Florida. We had yet another great show as we displayed our newest Street Sweepers. The show was busy and so were we! We would like to thank all of you for giving us your time and your attention. We are very grateful for being able to showcase our Street Sweepers and new design features.

In case you missed it, our new 2018 Product offering included showcasing our Global M3 Three-Wheel Mechanical and our Three-Wheel R3Air Type Street Sweeper. Offering the superb visibility, maneuverability and reliability as our Global M3, the R3Air is the only Three-Wheel Regenerative Air street sweeper in the world!

August 15, 2017

You're Invited!

You're Invited!

It is hard to believe it was six years ago that the first ever 3-wheel mechanical street sweeper manufactured by Global was exhibited in Denver at the 2011 American Public Works Association’s national conference. The PWX Show in Orlando, on August 27-30, 2017 at Orange County Convention Center will be the 7th APWA National Conference that will allow us to introduce you to our Street Sweepers.

Our Product offerings and innovative improvements are propelling Global Environmental Products ahead of our competitors to be a leader in the street sweeping industry!

We are very proud to introduce to you our new 2018 Product offering as we will be showcasing our Global M3 Three-Wheel Mechanical and Air Type Street Sweepers. Offering the superb visibility, maneuverability and reliability as our Global M3, the R3Air is the only Three-Wheel regenerative air street sweeper in the world!

Building with Quality and Meeting the Highest Standards!

We at Global have always been focused on building and offering Street Sweepers that not only meet but exceed our customer needs!  Building Street Sweepers that sweep all year long is very important, however customers today more and more care about the total cost of operation.

One of the most important part of the sweeper is its hopper! Not only do we offer the largest capacity in the market but we can also fill it to the top! Furthermore, all our hoppers are designed with a Stainless Steel Floor and Front Aperture.

Our Mechanical Street Sweepers include a Stainless Steel floor and our Air Street Sweepers do as well and we are proud to be the only manufacturer to do it across all product lines in the USA. Our Global V4Air features a full 100% Stainless Hopper as part of standard equipment and we will continue to innovate!


Global V6Air Street Sweeper “One of a Kind”

The Global V6Air Street sweeper is the only Air Street Sweeper that can operate below freezing conditions without the need of specialty filters or skirts!  The only sweeper that can utilize water below freezing conditions.

Our Patented VAS Technology allows for constant recirculation from the sweeper to the suction box. Essentially Global V6Air has the capability of operating as a PURE Suction Sweeper or Regenerative Air Type Sweeper simply turning a lever, allowing for better sweeping performance. The best part is the fine dust emission from a Global V6 sweeper is 50% less than that of a pure vacuum concept. Additional dust control is achieved by adding water to the recycled air.

In winter the Global V6Air can operate at temperatures as low as 23 °F, due to the re-circulating air in the system being warmed to 59 °F, thus preventing the water in the suction tube and hopper from freezing.

Adding a high efficient fan, 8 cubic yard hopper and 500 gallons of water will simply lower total cost of operation a daily basis. Please don’t hesitate to contact your local dealer for a demonstration.


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