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January 15, 2020
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Who You Gonna Call!


Global Street Sweepers Clean Sweep NYC Times Square 2020

Global Street Sweepers Clean Sweep NYC Times Square 2020

Every year after the "Ball Drops" and the world famous New Years Eve party ends at NYC Times Square and everyone goes home, Global Street Sweepers line up and clean up the mess.

We are proud to say that New York City operates Global Street Sweepers, and has been for many years. NYC has the largest fleet of street sweepers in the world. Reliability and innovation is a must and always drive all of us at Global Environmental Products.

Hours after a million people celebrated the New York's iconic ball drop signaling the beginning of a new decade, work began to clean up the aftermath of the festive annual party. The Global fleet of sweepers descended to take on the monumental task of clean up. More than 200 sanitation officials worked through the night and early morning hours to rid the streets of millions of pieces of confetti, trash, and tossed novelty items.

Over 3,000 pounds of confetti blasted over the crowd once the ball completed its drop, which is about 30,000,000 pieces of colored paper. The amount of trash that was cleaned up by NYC sanitation workers after the festivities is upwards of 50-tons and ranged from confetti to balloons to party hats, pizza boxes, and empty bottles. By morning most of the scene appeared back to normal and the roads cleared with traffic flowing at normal rate.

In addition to operating Global M4 Diesel Street Sweepers, NYC also operates Global HYBRID Street Sweepers and our new M4 All Electric Plug-In sweeper as well. This is where innovation comes in. Diesel street sweepers have been around for many years, but we strive to be more efficient and continue to lower the total cost of operation of a street sweeper.

We also innovate to protect and preserve our environment. We are proud to say that our Global Hybrid Street Sweepers significantly reduce fuel consumption and gas emissions by more than 50% compared to a Diesel Engine Street Sweeper. Our ZERO Emissions sweepers are cutting-edge.

Global Environmental Products have achieved our vision of street sweepers that clean your streets with a high-performance, heavy-duty sweeping system, as well as being affordable, reliable with cutting-edge innovative technology - doing it all while producing ZERO EMISSIONS.

With all that in mind, we wish you all a Happy and Prosperous 2020 and wish you all the best!

October 30, 2019
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2019 APWA PWX Seattle Wrap-Up


2019 APWA PWX Seattle Wrap-Up

Our Family at Global Environmental Products thanks you for all your support!

Global Environmental Products was once again part of PWX National Equipment Show taking place this year in Seattle, WA. This was our 9th PWX Attendance, where we showcased our green technologies and offered different environmentally friendly solutions - a true glance into the future of street sweeping.

Most importantly, we introduced the 1st 100% Electric Plug-In Class 7 Street Sweeper in the North America. It is a Heavy Duty street Sweeper that  utilizes lithium-ion batteries, operates 9-11 hours daily, is low maintenance and extremely quiet.

We also introduced one-of-a-kind Global R4Air, Regenerative Air Street Sweeper. The R4Air is the only Purpose Built, Single Engine Air Sweeper capable of Dumping into a truck. Its’ large 33” fan provides superb suction.

In addition, we featured our Global V6Air chassis-mounted sweeper that offers our one-of-a-kind VAST (Variable Air Stream Technology) and our Global R3Air - the only 3-wheel Regenerative Air Street Sweeper with high-dump capabilities.

Global Environmental Products has been pushing the technological envelope above and beyond that of the competition with our "Zero Emissions" street sweepers, which include the first 100% Electric Heavy-Duty Class 7 Street Sweepers in the World, and the Global M4 ZE Hydrogen Fuel Cell Street Sweeper. They are powerful, reliable, and innovative.

Global Environmental Products have achieved our vision of street sweepers that clean your streets with a high-performance, heavy-duty sweeping system, as well as being affordable, reliable with cutting-edge innovative technology - doing it all while producing ZERO EMISSIONS.


We sell our Products and Services through a network of indendent distributors in the USA and Canada. It is very important to us that Our Customers have the ability to customize their sweepers to best suit their needs. Streamlining the procurement system and simply making it less time-consuming to purchase, we have teamed up with Sourcewell. At its core, Sourcewell is a Member-driven service cooperative that is designed to help municipalities, state agencies and non-profit organizations purchase all equipment covered by its contracts without going out to bid.

With over 50,000 Members, Sourcewell is established as a public agency serving our member agencies across the United States and Canada as a municipal contracting agency. Sourcewell operates under the enabling authority of Minnesota Statute 123A.21. This statute was created in 1976 to serve education entities and revised in 1995 to allow cities, counties, local governments and non-profits to benefit from the use of service cooperatives.

Click Here To Learn More About Sourcewell®



When making a decision as whether to consider a purchase through Sorcewell® please consider the following:

  • Sourcewell is a government entity
  • Sourcewell staff are public employees
  • No-cost, liability or obligation membership
  • National leverage Volume pricing
  • Saves Time and Money

Sourcewell contract 093021-GEP gives access to the following types of goods and services:

  • Road Street Sweepers
  • Airport Street Sweepers
  • Runway Street Sweepers
  • Vacuum Street Sweepers
  • Compact Street Sweepers
  • Regenerative Air Street Sweepers
  • Electric, Plug-In, Class 7 Street Sweepers
  • Holder & Karcher Equipment
  • Hybrid, Plug-In, Class 7 Street Sweepers


Contract#:  093021-GEP
Category: Road and Airports/Street Cleaning
Maturity Date: 11/16/2025

Contract Related Questions

Nick Trout
Jill Park
Supplier Development Administrator Supplier Development Specialist
Office: 218-895-4129 Office: 218-895-4181
EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


For membership related questions, click the link below to access the Sourcewell membership team. You will find full contact information at the bottom of the page. Questions regarding this specific contract should be directed to the Sourcewell employee(s) identified in the “Contract Related Questions” section above.

Happy New Year from Global Environmental Products!

As we reflect on 2017, we are very grateful for everyone that made this past year such a success. All of us at Global Environmental Products would like to wish our industry friends, current Global Sweeper users, future Global Sweeper users and our partners in our dealer network a wonderful Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year!

Looking ahead to 2018, Global Environmental Products is committed to continued development of the most innovative, efficient and reliable street sweepers the industry has to offer. From our redesigned cabs and new standard features to our new traction and suspension systems of our three-wheel sweepers, there are plenty of reasons to check in with Global Environmental Products throughout the upcoming year. Global Environmental Product’s latest state-of-the-art alternative-fuel vehicles are so innovative they truly have never been seen is municipal equipment manufacturing before.

If you are already a proud owner of a Global Sweeper, thank you and please ask us about what’s new for 2018. If you are considering the purchase of a new sweeper in 2018, take a look at what Global can offer you.


Global Front Articulating Broom Video


We customize our Sweepers! Our customers have the ability to pick options that best suit their needs.

Reliability and ease of maintenance are our priority. Every day we listen to our customers feedback in order to change, grow and improve our products. With that in mind we would like to present our Front Articulating Option. This Third Broom is controlled via In-cab Joystick, includes 4-way tilt, CW and CCW Rotation and can swing from right to left. Having extra wide sweeping path helps, sweeper bike lanes, center islands and sidewalks is a fantastic bonus!

Global Exceptional Leaf Pick-Up Video


This "in-action" video illustrates our powerful leaf pick-up capabilities.

Leaf pick-up is one of the most important functions of Street Sweeping today. We feel that our sweeper must perform in leaves just as much as in heavy sand sweeping. We stand behind our products and we are ready to prove it to you. Take a look at this video - you'll be glad you did. Please contact us for a demonstration.

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