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January 17, 2018

Electric or Diesel Street Sweepers? Or Both?

The Future Is Here With Global Environmental Products Leading The Way

Finding the right street sweeper to do the job can be a difficult task. Street sweepers, just like other tools, are meant to do one job– clean and sanitize the streets. Global Sweepers are built specifically for that job. Our Mechanical Sweepers have many options for many different applications which include Heavy Duty Sweeping Package, Large Stainless Steel Hoppers, powerful brooms, leaf gate systems, etc.

As technology is changing and components are evolving we feel obligated to look into the future! Our latest street sweeper is designed and classified as true HYBRID. We still utilize a Diesel engine, however that engine doesn’t drive the sweeper, it drives a generator.

Designed for the sweeper application, generator provides power to the batteries, and those, in turn provide power to electric drive motors. Furthermore that same generator powers sweeper hydraulic systems including all the sweeping functions. We all hear about the existence of Electric cars and how fast and powerful they can be. Our M4Hybrid Street sweeper is no different, electric motor drives the sweeper and yes, we have lots of power!

The benefit obviously is lower fuel consumption. That Diesel engine that drives the generator, is not under constant load, so we save fuel. In fact we are proud to say that we reduce fuel consumption by 52% compared to a Diesel powered Global Street Sweeper. Furthermore we reduce other emissions such as Nox, and other Geenhouse Gasses.