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October 24, 2017

Sweeper Round-Up 2017!

We would like to thank Ranger Kidwell-Ross and World Sweeper for organizing a truly focused Street Sweeper Expo. The first ever Sweeper Round-Up including many, if not most Street Sweeper manufacturers.

We had a great time showing off our Global V6Air and our Global V4Air Air Recirculation Street Sweeper. With Variable Air Stream Technology (VAST) that gives the operator the ability to control the air flow, we can adjust the power of our vacuum. This technology makes the V6Air an ideal sweeper for municipalities and construction companies as they have the ability to control suction based on different sweeping conditions.

The V4Air offers the same features but it is built on 19,500 GVWR and includes a Stainless Steel Hopper as part of standard equipment.

The M4HSD is our version of what a Street Sweeper should be. Exceptional visibility, purpose-built cab, 100% hopper loading capacity and lots of power!

Again, we would like to thank everyone for their time, their support and their interest. It was a great event, with another opportunity to meet our customers. We look forward to future Round-Ups!