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April 25, 2018

Beauty Queen Drives a Global Sweeper For A Living

Beauty And The Beast

It has been brought to our attention that the good folks at “Inside Edition” published a wonderful news story about a New York City Department of Sanitation worker that is not only a beauty queen, but also drives a Global Street Sweeper for a living. Kudos to Inside Edition for doing such a great news story and we’d like to pass it on to you.

You can view the Inside Edition news story entitled “Beauty Queen Earns a Living as a Garbage Collector” HERE.

In addition, you can typically see Global Street Sweepers out in force performing the monumental clean-up task after the famous Time Square New Years Eve gala in New York City. For a look at some of the action, go HERE.

 We are proud to say that New York City operates Global Street Sweepers, and has relied on Global Street Sweepers for many years. With the largest fleet of street sweepers in the world, New York City Department of Sanitation demands reliability and innovation and Global Environmental Products always deliver.

NYC operates Global M4 Diesel Street Sweepers and Global HYBRID Street Sweepers. This is where innovation comes in. Diesel street sweepers have been around for many years. Global has strived to be more efficient and continues to lower the total cost of operation of a street sweeper and also to protect and preserve our environment. We are proud to say that our Global Hybrid Street Sweepers significantly reduce fuel consumption and gas emissions by more than 50% compared to a Diesel Engine street sweeper.