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Global V6Air Street Sweeper “One of a Kind”

The Global V6Air Street sweeper is the only Air Street Sweeper that can operate below freezing conditions without the need of specialty filters or skirts!  The only sweeper that can utilize water below freezing conditions.

Our Patented VAS Technology allows for constant recirculation from the sweeper to the suction box. Essentially Global V6Air has the capability of operating as a PURE Suction Sweeper or Regenerative Air Type Sweeper simply turning a lever, allowing for better sweeping performance. The best part is the fine dust emission from a Global V6 sweeper is 50% less than that of a pure vacuum concept. Additional dust control is achieved by adding water to the recycled air.

In winter the Global V6Air can operate at temperatures as low as 23 °F, due to the re-circulating air in the system being warmed to 59 °F, thus preventing the water in the suction tube and hopper from freezing.

Adding a high efficient fan, 8 cubic yard hopper and 500 gallons of water will simply lower total cost of operation a daily basis. Please don’t hesitate to contact your local dealer for a demonstration.