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Sourcewell Contract#: 122017 - GEP
 Category: Roadway Maintenance, Asphalt, Snow & Ice

Sourcewell Contract Awarded to Global Environmental Products, Inc.

Sourcewell Contract#: 122017-GEP
Category: Roadway Maintenance, Asphalt, Snow & Ice


We sell our Products and Services through a network of indendent distributors in the USA and Canada. It is very important to us that Our Customers have the ability to customize their sweepers to best suit their needs. Streamlining the procurement system and simply making it less time-consuming to purchase, we have teamed up with Sourcewell. At its core, Sourcewell is a Member-driven service cooperative that is designed to help municipalities, state agencies and non-profit organizations purchase all equipment covered by its contracts without going out to bid.

With over 50,000 Members, Sourcewell is established as a public agency serving our member agencies across the United States and Canada as a municipal contracting agency. Sourcewell operates under the enabling authority of Minnesota Statute 123A.21. This statute was created in 1976 to serve education entities and revised in 1995 to allow cities, counties, local governments and non-profits to benefit from the use of service cooperatives.

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When making a decision as whether to consider a purchase through Sorcewell® please consider the following:

  • Sourcewell is a government entity
  • Sourcewell staff are public employees
  • No-cost, liability or obligation membership
  • National leverage Volume pricing
  • Saves Time and Money

Sourcewell contract 093021-GEP gives access to the following types of goods and services:

  • Road Street Sweepers
  • Airport Street Sweepers
  • Runway Street Sweepers
  • Vacuum Street Sweepers
  • Compact Street Sweepers
  • Regenerative Air Street Sweepers
  • Electric, Plug-In, Class 7 Street Sweepers
  • Holder & Karcher Equipment
  • Hybrid, Plug-In, Class 7 Street Sweepers


Contract#:  093021-GEP
Category: Road and Airports/Street Cleaning
Maturity Date: 11/16/2025

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For membership related questions, click the link below to access the Sourcewell membership team. You will find full contact information at the bottom of the page. Questions regarding this specific contract should be directed to the Sourcewell employee(s) identified in the “Contract Related Questions” section above.