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February 13, 2018

After The Ball Drops!

After The Ball Drops!

Global Street Sweepers Clean Sweep NYC Times Square

New Year’s Eve is a special time for many of us. It symbolizes a beginning, an idea that something can end and something new and exciting can start for all of us. Every year New York City drops a giant ball in Times Square and some of us are lucky to be there and watch it live, and many more watch it on TV and count down as the ball drops. We at Global are just as excited about the New Year, but we are also excited that every year after the party ends and everyone goes home, Global Street Sweepers line up and clean up the mess. Seeing our sweepers do the job they were meant to do is simply the best reward!

We are proud to say that New York City operates Global Street Sweepers, and has been for many years. With the largest fleet of street sweepers in the world, reliability and innovation must always drive all of us at Global Environmental Products. Global Sweepers are very reliable and we stand by it with our warranty. Our 1-Year Parts and Labor warranty is standard, however we also include a 2-Year warranty on the engines we install in our sweepers. Our comprehensive standard warranty package also includes 1000-Hour Dirt Shoe and 2000-Hour Elevator Sprocket Warranty which is unheard of in the industry! Furthermore, we offer full comprehensive warranties up to 5 Years or 5000 Hours upon request.

In addition to operating Global M4 Diesel Street Sweepers, NYC also operates Global HYBRID Street Sweepers as well. This is where innovation comes in. Diesel street sweepers have been around for many years, but we must strive to be more efficient and continue to lower the total cost of operation of a street sweeper. We must also protect and preserve our environment. We are proud to say that our Global Hybrid Street Sweepers significantly reduce fuel consumption and gas emissions by more than 50% compared to a Diesel Engine Street Sweeper.