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May 15, 2017

Why Buy Global OEM Parts

Using The Right Parts For Your Global Street Sweeper!

Street sweepers have been around for a long time. Global manufacturing roots, date back all the way to 1947 and to Wayne Street Sweepers. The first street sweepers did not have a cab, the operator was completely exposed, options, such as suspension, radio or any other creature comforts simply didn’t exist. Many mechanical components were hard to get to and difficult to service while the pick-up performance was nothing to be proud of. Things have changed drastically over the last 65 years.

Standard Dirt Shoe warranty is unbeatable as we guarantee our dirt shoes to last 1000 hours. Our elevator belts, along with our sprockets, are also designed with tight tolerances to promoted performance and reliability. Our new sprockets are designed to perfectly fit our OEM belts and they carry an unbeatable warranty as well. 2000-hour sprocket life is guaranteed. Never mind that our sprockets will outlast all aftermarket replacement sprockets, but they will also protect your belts from premature wear! By the way..our sprockets incorporate a carbide Technology, ensuring longevity and reliability of all sweeper components!