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November 7, 2016

Global M3 Street Sweeper with Pink Panther Theme Unveiled to Help Fight Breast Cancer

We are always proud to say we have built and delivered another new Global Street Sweeper to a City, Village, Town or Private Contractor. There are times, however, when we have the distinct pleasure of introducing our street sweeper to a new customer and participating in something great at the same time!

In October of 2015 we were part of something truly extraordinary. Our Partner and Distributor in Ohio, MTECH and Global Environmental Products delivered a Pink Street Sweeper to the City of Toledo. The New Global M3 Street Sweeper “bubble gum” paint scheme was provided to the City at no charge and is designed to promote Health Awareness while sweeping the City of Toledo Streets!

Alex Houser Vukoder, Director of Division Communications for the American Cancer Society’s “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” program expressed appreciation for the contribution while praising the “Sweeping Away Cancer” project as a most unique and portable way to promote awareness.

Our Global M3 Street Sweeper features a Cab-Over Design offering great pedestrian visibility, larger 5.6 cu. yd. hopper, larger 47” digger-type side brooms, and 24 mph road speed. Jeremy Mikolajczyk, Public Service Manager, had researched new models of street sweepers, specifically looking at the efficiency, and total cost of operation, finally deciding on the Global M3. When the Global Sweeper was being ordered the choice of color was discussed and that is when Chris Cira, President of MTECH, said “we can make it pink if you want!” Thinking about a new direction and how the City may use new equipment to do much more than just sweep, the Global M3 Pink Sweeper became a reality.

We would like to thank City of Toledo and MTECH for making this happen! We are very proud to be part of such a great event and that we can effectively use a street sweeper to carry such a positive message!

With a Large logo on the side of the Hopper “Sweeping Away Cancer” we were fortunate to raise $6,000 For the American Cancer Society. What an amazing experience!
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