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October 26, 2016

Global At APWA PWX Expo 2016

It is hard to believe it was five years ago that the first ever 3 wheel mechanical street sweeper manufactured by Global was exhibited in Denver at the 2011 American Public Works Association’s national conference.   August of 2016 marked the 6th APWA national conference that Global Environmental Products has exhibited in.  Global had an excellent show in Minneapolis with over 6,800 public works professionals attending the conference.  At a time when other manufacturers are scaling back, Global is pushing forward and there was constant activity and excitement in our booth this year to prove it. Anyone attending the shows these past five years has seen the expansion of the Global product offering and innovative improvements that are propelling Global Environmental Products ahead of our competitors to be a leader in the street sweeping industry.

Two years ago Global launched the highly successful M4HSD as well as the chassis mounted V6 air recirculating vacuum sweeper.  The M4HSD is the world’s only high side discharge, purpose built, single engine sweeper that offers better visibility, maneuverability and performance than any chassis mounted mechanical sweeper on the market.  It also marked the introduction to Global’s innovative load leveling system that allows operators to maximize payload capacity without having to dangerously shift the load in  the hopper.  The V6 raises the bar in the larger vacuum sweeper market with Variable Air Stream Technology (VAST) that gives the operator the ability to control the air flow through the system, allowing them to adjust the machine to sweep a variety of materials and conditions from heavy debris to leaves and from dry desert conditions to freezing temperatures!

Last year Global introduced the R3, the worlds first 3 wheel, single engine, hydrostatic drive Regenerative Air street sweeper. Built on the same platform and offering the same visibility, maneuverability and reliability as the Global M3, the R3 offers those customers that prefer or require regenerative air technology in the their fleet unprecedented performance and the ability to dump into containers or dump trucks at a highly cost effective price.  This years show Global Environmental Products was proud to introduce the new V4, a highly effective 5.5 cu. yd. vacuum sweeper with a stainless steel hopper and the same “V.A.S.” technology as the V6 on a compact 19,500 GVW cab-over chassis improving visibility, performance and cost without sacrificing the performance of a traditional vacuum sweeper.

Clearly Global Environmental Products has come a long way in five years, The national APWA shows are a great way to mark the milestones and introduce these innovations to the world, but the best way to learn more about these game changing street sweepers is to schedule a demonstration and witness what Global Environmental Products can offer you.