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April 15, 2020

The Ultimate In Regenerative Air Street Sweepers

Are you in the market for a new regenerative air street sweeper? Whether you are replacing a current unit, adding to your existing fleet or starting a new sweeping program, consider what you could be getting in "regen" versus what you have become accustomed to or have been told to expect. Take a long look at the Global R3 and R4 and learn everything your regen could be!

The Global R-Series offers fantastic regenerative air sweeping performance on vehicle purpose-built platforms that provides features and benefits the others could only dream of. The sweeping performance of the R3 or R4 is second to none, but operator safety and comfort and ease of maintenance are what set the Global R-Series sweepers apart.

Global’s center mounted single operator station in a cab-over design allows unprecedented visibility to not only your debris field forward of the cab, but effortless views of the right and left side curb line without ever having to change seats. All sweeping and operator controls are strategically laid out for easy operation and the standard “Ergo” switch allows the operator to turn off and on pre-programmed sweeping functions with one switch.

Global’s single engine design with hydrostatic drive reduces maintenance time and costs while providing better operator control of sweeping speeds than a traditional chassis mounted unit. This coupled with industry leading major component and systems access and maintenance-free hydraulic direct drive fan system make the Global R3 and R4 a mechanics dream. No more pony motors or PTOs to worry about. Gone are the belts and pulleys or gearboxes that need adjustment, maintenance and replacement. This all leads to less down time and more time sweeping.

Throw in standard features like a stainless steel hopper, 9’6” high dump capabilities and the tightest turning radius in the industry (12.5’ – R3 and 18.5’ – R4) and you can begin to see why you should ask more from you regenerative air sweeper.