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April 9, 2019



We are proud to announce that Global has partnered with City of Chicago to sweep its streets. City of Chicago took delivery of four (4) New Global Street Sweepers that will operate right in the heart of the city - Downtown.

Two (2) Global M3 street sweepers, designed to be very maneuverable with the turning radius of 12.5 ft. with the seating position and great visibility help operate the sweeper safely in very populated areas. The two (2) Global M4HSD street sweepers, designed with the same visibility, however the top travel speed of 55mph allows for the  operator to sweep Lake Shore Drive, the busiest four lane road in the heart of the city.

CHICAGO — For years Chicago has topped lists that name the best cities in the country to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, and it's no surprise — the river dyeing, massive parades and countless pub-crawls make Chicago not only a fun but unique place to celebrate. The city has yet again been named the No. 1 place to celebrate St. Patrick's Day 2019 by a WalletHub report.

The Chicago River is dyed green and a large parade makes its way through the downtown area during this annual St. Patty's Day celebration featuring traditional Irish tunes, dancing and floats.

The subsequent aftermath is successfully tackled by Global Environmental Products street sweepers

Click this link to see Global contribute after St. Patrick’s Parade on 2019.