The first 100% electric, heavy-duty street sweeper in the world. Environmentally friendly. Built to last.

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Electric Street Sweeper


It's not only about protecting our environment and building a cleaner future. We built the first 100% electric plug-in street sweeper in the world to tackle the toughest street sweeping conditions.

From street cleaning the busy cities of Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City to the coastal towns of California and New England, our purpose-built electric sweepers use a state-of-the-art, high-performance sweeping system producing zero emissions.

Reducing our carbon footprint, one street sweeper at a time.

High-performance. Built to last.


Zero emissions for a greener tomorrow.®



M3EV Electric 100% Plug-in

Custom designed from the chassis up, the M3EV is a rugged, purpose-built, 100% electric street sweeper that provides the ultimate performance with zero emissions.

With a standard heavy-duty sweeping package, the M3EV electric street sweeper is designed to tackle the most challenging street conditions.

  • Smooth electric drive system with infinite speed control
  • Top travel speeds of 25 MPH and up to 11 MPH in sweeping mode
  • All-electric propulsion system reduces overall maintenance costs and total cost of operation
  • Compact design and exceptional maneuverability

M3EV Electric Street Sweeper

M4EV Electric Street Sweeper


M4EV Electric 100% Plug-in

With cutting-edge innovative technology, the M4EV 100% electric street sweeper delivers the highest level of durability while producing zero emissions.

Built-tough from the chassis up, this electric drive is the only Class 7 street sweeper truck in the USA.

  • Heavy-duty sweeping package can sweep sand and gravel up to 3-tons per minute
  • Top highway speeds of 55 MPH and up to 11-hours operational time
  • Powerful all-electric propulsion system eliminates transmissions and reduces maintenance costs
  • No diesel engine and DPF system lowers the total cost of operation

Electric Street Sweeper

M4HSD powered street sweeper whose only by-product is pure H2O.

The fuel cell and hydrogen tank take the place of the vehicle's battery pack. The by-product of the electro-chemical reaction is Energy [ML^2T^-2] and H2O (Water).

1st Heavy-Duty Hydrogen

With 65 mph travel speeds and a heavy sweeping system, the M4 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Sweeper can get to any location fast and will sweep various types of heavy debris with high performance.

  • Rear Dump and Side Dump Hopper available
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Electric motor drives the sweeper
  • Built to last with ZERO Emissions

During operation, the water produced through the electro-chemical reaction is diverted to the sweeper's water tank system, providing an additional 43 gallons of water per shift to use for dust suppression. That’s sustainable design.


Purpose-Built Sweepers

The Global "EV" purpose-built line of 100% electric sweepers offers an extensive mix of options, features, and warranties. The M3EV and M4EV sweepers are designed to deliver high standards of durability, unprecedented safety and have the lowest operating cost per-swept-mile compared to competitive units.

  • Designed for easy access to the batteries, pumps, and all hydraulic/electric components, significantly reducing maintenance costs.
  • Front-full and rear suspension, heavy sweep package, and hopper load leveling device with hopper full indicator are all part of the standard equipment package.
  • Compact design and exceptional maneuverability enable sweepers to access crowded downtown areas and tight cul-de-sacs.

Electric Street Sweeper

Global Environmental
Built to last.

Global Environmental. Custom designed with a purpose - to build a heavy-duty 100% electric sweeper with zero emissions.

Unlike other street sweepers in the industry that are modified using an existing truck chassis, our innovative engineering and design team built the M3EV and M4EV electric sweepers from the chassis up.

With this innovative, purpose-built design comes a reduction in maintenance costs, more reliability, and a lower cost of operation. It's a win-win for green cities.

Electric Street Sweeper

Global. In the News!

We are proud to be part of history and helping to build a greener tomorrow by manufacturing the first 100% electric sweeper for the City of New York.

In an effort to reduce its carbon footprint, the DSNY (The City of New York Department of Sanitation) unveils the first battery-operated, all-electric, zero-emissions broom to be used in the country. Go green!

Why choose Global Environmental?

As cities across the U.S. continue to make changes towards sustainability, we stepped up to build the first green fleet of 100% electric, zero-emissions sweepers in the country.

By utilizing technological advances, extensive research and development, and cutting-edge innovation, our M3EV and M4EV electric sweepers set the standard for the industry and lead the way to protect air quality and the environment. 

ISO certified, with exceptional maneuverability and purpose-built design, Global Environmental’s electric sweepers are the ideal choice for any municipal or governmental agency requiring high performance while delivering zero emissions.

Watch the video to get a full walk-around tour of the innovative Global M4EV 100% Electric Street Sweeper. Click here to schedule a free demo.

Electric Street Sweeper

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