Designed With You in Mind!

Good public health begins with good clean streets.  The GLOBAL way is the sure way of providing your community wiht good health, comfort and safety.  Global Sweepers work, sweep...and clean....perform better than anything you every saw....

Engines, and sweeping components parts are available just about everywhere and what's more, you won't have to wait for a Global Sweeper a long time. 

Little bit more About Us!

Global Environmental Products, Inc. is a U.S. based street sweeper manufacturing company that specializes in purpose built mechanical street sweepers. Because our units are designed from the ground up for the specific application of sweeping streets, they offer unsurpassed performance, safety and ease of maintenance.  Our Engineering Group has been tasked with designing Reliable, Affordable and Innovative sweepers that exceed our customers expectations.  Our sweepers are easy to service, with all sweeping components accessible, and offer exceptional comfort for the operator while constantly reducting the Total Cost of Operation.

The Global Purpose Built Series sweepers such as M3, M4, and M4HSD use a highly reliable and efficient, high speed elevator system that effortlessly transports material from the road surface to their large capacity hoppers. The sealed systems locker, engine compartment and elevator system all open in a matter of seconds to offer superior access to critical components for servicing.

Our sweeper’s cab forward design positions the operator in the center of the vehicle that allows the operator to sweep either curb line without a dual operator’s station while providing unobstructed sight lines to all road debris in the target area as well as to oncoming traffic and pedestrians. With a short wheel base and a main broom located between the front and rear axles, Global sweepers can maneuver efficiently around the busiest municipal streets.

What's more we have teamed up with an exceptional Dealer Network.  We are proud to say that we have representation in all of United States, Europe and South America.  We so many highly trained techncians and lots of parts available we are sure to service you quickly and efficently. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us for any questions and feel free to browse our product offering.